Lazy-arse tube drivers

Tube drivers on the Picadilly Line are on strike today. Apparently they're upset because one of the drivers was demoted for running through four red signals. These bastards, with their £35,000 salaries and 42 days' paid leave a year really need to learn how to get the public's support.

Here's my tip: if you're going to strike, make it hurt the bosses. Have a fare strike, where everyone travels free for a day. Or strike in the morning, so people are late for work, but start up again in the afternoon so people can get home. Whatever you do, don't strike on the day when the bosses don't care if people are late (no work gets done on Xmas Eve anyway) but the general public has lots to do and places to go.

And don't moan about disciplinary procedures that involve safety issues. The public like safety, in case you haven't noticed.