Well after weeks of dicking us around, the landlord of the flat we intended to move into next weekend has finally given us no option but to not go ahead with it. Every communication with him has seen a week or more pass before we get any response. He tried to stiff us with a £250 "professional cleaning" fee while sticking us with a six month lease, when we specifically wanted twelve months. Grrr. If someone takes two weeks to get back to you on something that is in their interest, can you imagine what they'd be like when the boiler stops working?

So we're gonna be homeless in a couple of weeks. I've managed to negotiate an extra week with our current flat, and then we'll stay with John and Anne for a week. We're then in Australia for three weeks, and will find a new place to live when we get back to London.

It was a nice flat, but not worth the hassle. It was also at the very top of our price range, and we weren't going to be there for the first three weeks of the habitation anyway. So really, we're saving quite a bit of money this way.

The sucky part is that we'll have to live out of boxes for a while, and move house twice. Better than moving once, then having to move again in six months, though.