You lot who don't wear glasses wouldn't understand!

Had something amusing, though annoying too, happen yesterday. I broke my glasses frame last week and the new ones aren't ready yet, so I'm walking around like a dork with tape holding them together.

Last night, as I was leaving work, I managed to drop one of the lenses out of the frame in the car lift at work. Down it went through the grill and onto the (inaccessible) concrete floor about 50cm down. Ack!

I was ready to give up until I suddenly thought maybe I could get them back. Handy tape to the rescue again: I went back up to the office, got some tape and went back downstairs. Using a piece of metal with a blob of exposed tape on the end to poke through the grate and lift the lens. Took me a few attempts, and I got a nasty scratch across the lens, but it worked!

Now I just hope the new glasses arrive soon and I can stop looking like a dork.