Wired baby monitor?

Baby monitors suck.  Despite claiming to be "digital" and using the 2.4GHz frequency range, they don't actually seem to use spread spectrum radio technology.  As a result you get terrible interference if you live anywhere with lots of radio noise, like say a modern suburb under the flight path.

I've got Cat6 running from the baby's room, and I can easily patch it through to the Cat6 in our lounge room.  So could I rig up something to act as a baby monitor that way?  Thoughts?
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Why not? Why not just use a simple microphone component from an electronics store and a speaker / variable resistor combo on the other end? Should have change out of $5!
Get something silent and small like a beagleboard, install a distro on it that supports pulseaudio, share out the audio to the network using pulseaudio. Or perhaps have the audio streaming out in something that a squeezebox could consume. Oh the possibilities!
Yeah I was thinking something along Geordie's idea, but don't know much about impedance and the like for that kind of circuit. Surely some kind of amplifier is required too.