Who are Doctors for the Family? Let's crowdsource it!

Last Sunday, Mother's Day no less, an organisation calling itself Doctors for the Family had their submission to the Senate Committee on Marriage Equality published with all kinds of unsubstantiated claims about gay marriage harming children. Using their clinical qualifications to justify this kind of bigotry is pretty slimy.

I think it's pretty important that any doctors working on me or my family's health base their clinical decisions on evidence and not superstition. So I've taken the list of signatories to the submission and started digging out contact details for them. There's a fair chunk of overlap with another very similar pop-up organisation, Medicine with Morality, and their submission to a Legislative Review of Human Cloning law. That's a good starting point.

Interestingly the previous submission included addresses, but this current one hides them. I think if you're going to use your professional qualifications to justify bigotry and superstition, you need to stand behind that with your full professional identification.

What I need is your help to trawl through, then double-check, the full list. Already we've discovered that one of the doctors on the list works at my family's medical practice. Scary.

To get involved, jump on Google Docs and request edit access, then start looking up details. Try to be pretty certain you've got the right doctor. Some of the East Asian names are pretty common and so we can't be too certain, so best to leave them unless you have some corroborating evidence. To be clear, we're after the professional address of these doctors, not any private address details. The aim here is to allow people to make an informed choice of doctor.

Once complete, I'll publish the full list and knock up some visualisations to map where these doctors are and definitively answer the question: Who are Doctors for the Family?