Welcome to Sunny London

Well here we are in London at last. Our week in Paris was, of course, fantastic. Had lots of yummy cheese, met some excellent people and did a small amount of sightseeing.

I guess I should talk about some of that. We went to see the Catacombes. These tunnels under the city contain tens of thousands of human skeletons exhumed from graveyards in Paris for hygeine and real-estate reasons. They're now stacked in massive stacks with sometimes grim scull-ptures made out of them. Quite odd.

So here is London. It's raining. No surprise. It's not to cold, yet. It's fun!

We're staying with Rachel Prior, an Aussie friend, who has made us most welcome. Sniffing around at the housing market, it doesn't seem too bad, particularly once we start earning pounds. The job situation for me is great -- shouldn't be hard at all. For Holly it's going to be more difficult as Social Workers, not Psychologists, are more often used in her area.

So off we go. I should have a mobile phone soon, hopefully. I'll post the number when I have it.