Update time

Well it's been almost a month since I last told you what we're up to. Been a bit slack, I guess.

I never thought I'd appreciate evergreen trees so much as being in London in Winter. The trees were a gorgeous range of bright autumn colours when we arrived but are now stripped naked, leaving spindly twigs and branches like the remainder after a bomb has been dropped. Of course the colourful autumn leaves were great but the result is a bit grim.

Holly and I moved into a house on Friday with a nice Kiwi guy called Duncan. The house is in Queen's Park/Kilburn which is North-West of the City, just north of Shepherd's Bush. You can see it on a map here.

So now our address for all those late Chrissie presents you're sending us:
221A Bravington Road
Kilburn West, London, W9 3AR
United Kingdom.

Holly has a job with Harrod's starting on the 18th December in the baby clothes section. She'll do this until one of the agencies she's registered with comes upwith something better. I've registered with a bunch of agencies and had a couple of interviews but it's pretty slow before Christmas with most jobs starting in January. We'll see how we go.

Last night we went to an excellent cocktail party in the East End. Friends of Kris Brown's who now have a new flat out there. Lovely people and lots of drunken fun had by all.

We also spent a week in Holly's home town, Leicester, a few weeks back. Lovely place and distinctly colder than London. During that stint we checked out a bunch of local historical sites: Bradgate Park, Lady Jane Grey's home before Henry chopped off her head; Warwick Castle; Bosworth Battlefield where a major battle in the War of the Roses took place.

So having fun. Love to hear from you all to see what you're up to.