Tallinn beer festival

We went out to the Tallinn Beer Festival last night. Lots of fun and we had some interesting beers. My favourite was the incredibly cloudy one from Saareema. It makes Coopers look clear!

It's been really hot here in Tallinn. 33 degrees today and 34 forecast for tomorrow. It's been great staying in Olga's flat though, able to spend lots of time relaxing and doing bugger all.

Tomorrow we're off to Parnu down in the South of Estonia. Apparently it's something of an Ibiza on the Baltic. Should be fun, though staying in a tent when it's forecast to be 34 degrees could be interesting.

I've uploaded a bunch of new photos. Our camera broke when we were in Berlin, so we used a disposable film camera for Germany. I've had one of those developed and you can see those photos. We bought a new digital camera yesterday. Our budget was limited but it seems to be okay. You can see the results in the Estonia folder. Photos are here.