TAFE needs to lift their game

I want to learn how to weld, as I think it's a useful skill to have. So I go to the obvious place for tertiary education, TAFE NSW who provide exactly this kind of thing. Sure enough, they have what looks perfect and in the right location for me, this course. Now do you think I can work out when the hell this course actually runs? All I can tell is that it's part-time, runs in the evenings and is 8 hours per week for 18 weeks.

So how do I work out what evenings it's on? There's nothing that I can find telling this kind of practical information on their. Doesn't give me a whole lot of faith in some of their courses.

Update: Will, you're commenting in exactly the manner I envisage. I don't have comments on my blog. I have too much to worry about without stopping blog comment spam. Send me an email! Your return email, as entered in the form, doesn't work.