Strange royal experience

On my way home from work this evening, while riding through Trafalgar Square the coppers had blocked off traffic. Turns out ol' big ears was coming through, probably been reports of a fox on Whitehall or something. Anyway, being the larrikan Aussie I am, I eloquently shouted out "Get a fucken job, inbred twat"

As I continued on my journey up The Mall (yes, my commute rocks), this young toff rides up alongside me and starts defending the creepy tampon fancier. "He does great work for the countryside and charity," says he in his plum voice. "He does great work for charity with my fucking tax money," retorts I. "Listen mate, don't you want an English head of state, rather than some greco-german inbred?"

Anyway, conversation wasn't going anyway but certainly an odd ride home. I was amused, anyway.