Still raining -- time to bail

Well it's still pouring down with rain here in Nha Trangh. It's quite sad as our plan for here was to spend three or four days lying on the beach sipping cocktails. Instead we've been wandering around with not much to do, hoping the rain would stop.

It now appears there's a typhoon off the coast. While this poses no threat to us, it does mean that most of the country is rainy and will be for some time. In a beachside town there's not a whole lot to do when the weather sucks.

So we're moving on to Hoi An, where there's more to do in rainy weather. This is the town where you can get excellent clothes made really cheaply.

Last night we had a relatively expensive but absolutely exquisite seafood meal. Prawns, crab, squid and amazing fish. It ended up costing about $10 each but was worth every succulent morsel. Yum!

Not much more to report, really. Hanging out with lots of other bored foreigners waiting for the bus at 7 o'clock tonight.