Spreets: a bit shonky, a lot badly organised

The concept of the Groupon has been going on in Australia for a bit. Essentially it's a "deal a day" idea where, if enough people sign on to the day's deal, it happens. Suppliers can use it to build interest or get rid of stock. Bargain hunters can get good deals.

I've followed a few of them and yesterday bought up an offer on Spreets for some good quality meat.  The offer looked good at $99 for a fair selection of good quality meat.  Sneakily there was an additional $25 delivery charge, which is pretty shoddy (and likely illegal under the Trade Practices Act) behaviour. I spotted the sneaky fee and still thought it a good deal at $124.

When the coupon arrived this morning, I tried to check out only to find the seller's site didn't recognise the coupon code. To be fair to Spreets, they responded to my enquiry pretty quickly, and it seems the problem was sorted out.

Next problem comes when I can finally pay for the goods, they now want to add a payment fee to the delivery fee! There's three payment methods, all of which incur additional fees.  Now we're getting into the territory of completely out-of-order. This is like the airlines charging a "credit card fee" while providing no other mechanism to pay.  It's just not on.

I'll be getting my money back thanks Spreets.