Spectacularly bad UI

Select and click Delete

Wow Ricoh really take the cake here. My work has some Ricoh photocopiers with an excellent feature, you can use them as scanners. Great feature. Lousy user interface.

Once you're scanned your page, you go back to your desk to load it up. You can download it in PDF or TIFF, but only after you've worked out you need to click the "Properties" icon first. The inscrutible interface gets much, much worse though.

To delete your file from the server, you have to tick the checkbox for your file, then click the big "Delete" button. You then get this screen:

don't click remove, click Delete File

You might think selecting the file name (which, of course, is a randomly chosen file name, and you get no indication of what the file name represents) and clicking [Remove] might delete the file? No, you're actually going through another selection step and removing it from the selection. You need to click "Delete File" after selecting (again) your file. Gah!