Socceroos calendar

Since the FFA seems too clueless to provide this, I've created a Google Calendar with all upcoming Socceroos matches. I watch the football news about our team pretty closely, so I should be able to keep it updated. Times are in Sydney time, though your calendar app should be able to translate that for you.

Google calendars can also be imported into other apps. XML, ICAL HTML.

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Thanks for this! Spent a bit of time googling for soceroo's calendars and couldn't find anything official, but this does the job!
hey man cheers for this.. appreciate the effort
Just found this and it's still working and up-to-date! Amazing! I couldn't find anything elsewhere.
Yes I still maintain this with the latest matches. Should have everything up to the end of the Group stage of the World Cup including all the friendlies.
Thanks, the was formerly a calendar, but it's not maintained. good job by you..
Amazing, I've been maintaining this for 10 years and the FFA still haven't managed it.
Thanks mate. Have had very little success with anything official from the FFA. It truly baffles me they can't manage this. They do have a pretty fixtures page on their website, but it's not in ical format. My one suggestion would be to make all the matches run for 2 hours. Some run for 2.5 hours. But, hey... no biggie!