It snowed this morning. Must have been a couple of inches at least, judging from the amount piled up on cars in the street. Not quite a white Christmas but nice nonetheless. Rachel called us at 5:30am to tell us to run out and see it. Holly was so excited she got to work early and wandered around Hyde Park to watch the ducks taking shelter.

You can see a picture here and live cameras to see the snow on the ground if it's still there here. There's still snow outside out door making the footpaths treacherous and there's more on the way, apparently.

Christmas was good fun with Holly and I spending Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day at Rachel and Danielle's in Battersea. There's no public transport on Christmas Day so we had to get there early. Lots of fine food,good booze, great company of all that ice you Aussies would have gone through, we just stuck our beer and wine on the balcony to chill.

Not much else happening. Holly's working at Harrod's but has managed to score New Years Eve and Day off. We bought our tickets to a party with Luke Slater, Asian Dub Foundation, Liam from the Prodigy and Adrian Sherwood. Should be fun.

Tomorrow my new computer arrives from Glasgow from an auction on eBay. Should be more contactable then.