Shiny new bike

Giant CRX City Pro

Note: one year on, I've blogged about my experiences with this bike.

I just picked up my shiny new bike. It's a Giant CRX City Pro which features Shimano Nexus internal eight speed hub, carbon fibre front fork and seat post. It's incredibly light, certainly the lightest I've ever ridden. The only thing I'd really liked to have changed was the grip gear shift. I much prefer rapid-fire but it'd add $200 to the cost to change it out. Hopefully by the time it comes to replace it, the price will have come down.

The "Pro" variant here means you get the carbon fibre components, mud guards and rack included.

Riding home from Woolys Wheels in Paddington I really enjoyed this bike's zippiness. The frame is pretty aggressive, which suits my city riding style. The hub gears are a dream, thought he lowest gear definitely isn't low enough for touring. I really like the fact you can change gears while stopped at the lights, though it's gonna take me a while to get out of the habit of shifting down as I approach lights.

Next bike-related job will be to restore the Cannondale I had been riding, so I'll have a bike with appropriate gearing for touring.