Seek you numpties!

Seek is one of the job sites in Australia. Like most big Australian sites, it seems to have been built by people still living in the bad old days of 2000 web design. Someone, probably in a suit and with pointy hair, said they have to get this "Web 2.0" thing, so they've added RSS feeds.

Unfortunately, here's what you get when you click on one of the links in their RSS feeds:
Warning - your session on SEEK has expired and the page you have requested is no longer available. Please return to the SEEK homepage to restart your session.

What's more, going to the front page and then returning to the linked URL doesn't fix it. Fucking numpties! Given this is another disaster by PBL Media though, it should be expected. I mean, just have a look at A great site where you also can't bookmark or email URLs around. I mean, when you're looking for a house you're never gonna send links to people, are you?