Seek responds

Carey Eaton, Product Director at Seek responds to my post from this morning:

Thanks for alerting us to this issue - its obviously not supposed to work like that and this is the first complaint we've had about it so I'll make sure we get it fixed asap.

I should also point out that whilst PBL is a shareholder in Seek, PBL is also a shareholder in many other organisations including organisations which are shareholders in MyHome. There is no relationship between MyHome and Seek directly, in the same sense that there is no relationship between Seek and the very large number companies in which our different shareholders have invested. I should also point out a common misunderstanding: Seek, whilst being a media company, is not part of PBL Media either.

So there you go. Hopefully the bug there will get fixed. I'm pretty impressed that someone working there found my blog -- I imagine through one of the Planets. Carey: let me know if you need any diagnostic info (cookie details et al).

For the future reference of others: never throw an error for session expiry unless you're collecting something important from the user. Having them view something read-only doesn't constitute such a situation -- just open another session.

Interesting that he distances Seek from myhome. I would to -- their site is an absolute disaster.

Dave also wrote to point out which pulls in job ads from all the main sites and allows you to setup custom feeds. Very nice.