San Jose then Valencia

Geo: 39.472906,-000.371813
San Jose then Valencia

We arrived in Valencia last night after a mammoth 8.5 hour bus ride through every no-horse town between Almeria and the Costa Blanca. Certainly a long trip, but we're glad to be here.

We spent five days in San Jose which is in the Cabo de Gata National Park and has a lovely strip of sandy beach. Not much in the way of waves, in fact on the first day it was calmer than a tea cup. The second day brought heavy winds and the third a huge storm. We seem to be attracting violent weather here in Spain...

Due to the storm, we spent our last night in San Jose staying at a cheap hotel. Nice to have clean sheets and big, scratchy towels (as compared to our tiny camp towels).

It was nice to unwind a little after all the hectic sightseeing around the rest of Spain. We've certainly seen a lot of stuff in our short time here!

Next week we're off to Italy with a flight from Barcelona to Milan, though we'll be staying in much cheaper Como and ducking into (by most accounts pretty soulless) Milan to check out the major sights. We're spending a mammoth six nights in Rome, and even then reading the Lonely Planet I wonder if we'll do more than scratch the surface. Quite looking forward to the change of pace, though not the queues we can expect...

This photo isn't mine, as we can't connect our digital camera to these computers. I nabbed it off Google Images. It's of San Jose beach.