pages of 25th November 2007 Sydney newspapers

What an exciting time. Our new overlord, Kevin Rudd, wiped away 11 years of reactionary rule under lying rodent John Howard. The weather has brightened. The mood has risen. The future looks bright. I'm sure he'll manage to disappoint within the week, but for now I'm pleased.

Last night I had three bottles of bubbly ready to go. One was for Howard conceding government, one was for him conceding his seat and the final was for Malcolm Turnbull conceding his seat. The first two went surprisingly early in the night, and when it looked like Turnbull would hold onto his seat we drank the final one to try to forget.

protect Australia from angry lesbians and whinging poofs

After the result was clear, we left the party at Leonie and Mikey's place and headed to the People's Republic of Newtown for Good Rid Dance but by the time we got there it was winding down.

We moved on to a free party in Alexandria, which was shut down before we got there. Bit of a shame but it was 02:00 already, so it'd been a big night of celebration.

Disappointingly the booth I spent six hours on yesterday only scored 194 people. In this area it's not surprising though, as it's rusted on Labor. More surprising is the number of Tory voters! Hell, even the decidedly slimy-looking Socialist got a couple of votes. The hours spent in the 20,000 vote Australia House polling booth were much more productive.

Nationally The Greens did well, with the vote holding despite a massive swing to Labor. Unfortunately it looks like Kerry will miss out in the Senate for NSW, which is a real shame as she's been an excellent representative there.