So we're at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. There's some time before the first band I wanna see (Four Tet) and they have Internet, so...

We spent a couple of days in Hamburg, staying in a hotel even. Nice to have our own space and shower. Hamburg was pretty cool. The model train museum was a real highlight. It's enormous and incredibly detailed. Crazy shit. Then we hopped the train to Roskilde.

It's odd being at a big festival after three months of travel. Normally we'd be really hyped up about it, emailing all the other people going and working it out, looking at the lineup and getting excited. So it's a bit different when we've already been on holidays.

It's a great festival! The lineup is incredible and the Northern European crowd is very much up for it. No hanging back being cool, they dive right in and dance away to all the bands. Good fun.

The highlight for me so far was Fat Freddies Drop from New Zealand. They tore the roof off the tent and played a blinding set. There's also a silent disco, where everyone wears headphones to listen to the same DJ set. They're playing cheesy 80s stuff, so of course we sing along to every tune while the kids wonder what all this old fogie music is about.

After the festival we spend a night in Malmo, then fly to Talinn where we'll stay in the wonderful Olga's flat and go to the beer festival. Woo!