Republicans go wild for Vietnam war re-enactments

It's funny what you see going through your web server logs. Whenever you hit a web page, your browser sends the address of the site from which you linked, known as the referrer. This gives the web site owner some idea of who is linking to the site.

Looking through my server logs, I found someone had actually stuck one of my photos into a forum. It's a photo of Holly emerging from the Cu Chi Tunnels near Saigon.

What's really funny about this is that the forum thread is this: Is America Ready for Vietnam War Re-Enactments? Holly and I used to live with a guy who actually did exactly those sort of re-enactments, with all the right GI kit. Of course his re-enactments were in the not particularly authentic jungles of Surrey.

Anyway, due to the way the forum links to the photo, I can replace the image with something else. I was thinking a George Bush/Chimp comparison with "Vote Nader" or something. Anyone got anything cleverer?