Geo: 40.364661,000.403640

No, not a new drink marketed at the gay market but a beach town on the coast North of Valencia.

We decided we needed some more beach time, after our time in San Jose was marred by rain. After setting up our tent on a beautiful afternoon, we were looking forward to swimming the next day. Of course, we woke up to rain. Seems to be what happens whenever we camp.

Fortunately today was lovely and sunny, barely a cloud in the sky. We're both going rather brown, despite repeated latherings with 30+. I even managed to catch one of the (meagre) waves today! Woo!

Tomorrow we're catching the train North to Barcelona. We've only got he one night but we'll hopefully get back to El Setial, our fave restaurant there (Regomir, 11 Barcelona, in case you're wondering).

The following morning we're flying to Milan to start the Italian leg of our grand adventure! We're staying in Como and will duck into Milan to see the major sights. Then Florence, Rome, Amalfi Coast and across to Bari. Then we fly from Bari to Frankfurt.

Once again, the photo isn't mine, but it shows the view from about where we were lying all day today.