Nice printer

I picked up an old HP laser printer a while back and got it running. Problem was, it just kept jamming and driving me nuts. I'm sure if I wanted to spend a few hours with some cotton buds and metho I could clean the rollers and have it going again, but life's too short and printers too cheap. It's going to freecycle for someone who wants to spend that time.

Instead, I bought a lovely HP Laserjet 2200D. The "D" means it does duplexing: it can print on both sides. It's got two trays for a total of 350 pages of hopper. Sweet! Set me back fifty clams, which is next to nothing. Best of all, it plugs into the same JetDirect so I can connect it straight to the network for no-fuss printing. Brilliant!

And it works. Nicely. Double-sided even! Holly will be happy. The last one was driving us both nuts.