New site design

After four years with the old design, I've finally got around to redesigning my site. This time around I've used CSS for layout, which was one of those things I've been planning to do for a long time. The blog still needs to be moved to the new styles, which I'll have a go at tomorrow. Feeling nostalgic for old designs? Try the Wayback Machine.

In other news, Holly and I are now on the job hunting treadmill again. As usual, this involved dealing with recruiters, marginally higher up the evolutionary chain from amoebas. I've already had one phone me and ask me a question which is answered on the third line of my CV. Sigh.

So if you know of any work going, drop us a line. Particularly keen on contracts at the moment, until life settles down a bit with things like having a home. Would consider permanent if the project was good.