New server arrived

My new server, to replace the jet-engine sounding one, just arrived. It's another dual-Xeon system, but this time it's a workstation model so should be quieter and should be a little more accepting of hardware. Quite looking forward to finally getting some horsepower in the house.

My plans for this machine are for it to be a MythTV backend and to be a server for a couple of thin clients I also bought off eBay. I'm planning to play with Xen to get separation between the services.

The TV aerial at home is going up this weekend. I bought one last weekend at Jaycar, along with some quad-shielded RG6 coax. It's UHF-only and I'm hoping I can get the Kings Cross transmitters. Looking around the area, there seem to be a few other people with UHF antennas pointing that way, rather than towards Gore Hill.

The key thing with digital, though, is that the noise floor is a lot lower. You need a much better signal, with a lot less noise, than you do for decent analogue reception. Here's hoping it works!