My god, we won!

We went to an English pub in Kennington to watch the match last night, Australia vs England. We were the only Aussies in the pub but it was a good natured crowd, considering we whupped their butts.

A 3-1 win is just inconceivable. The fact that the first two goals were scored against England's top team and it was England's completely new second-half team, testing out their up-and-coming talent, who scored against us just caps it. Amazing! Of course the England squad isn't helped by some its key players being well off top form. Michael Owen hasn't scored in months and Beckham seemed to just be holding back for some reason.

With more wins like this, Soccer Australia can look forward to becoming the third most popular football code in Australia. After the next World Cup with our virtual guaranteed qualification, it could set its sights on League.

So the big question is: has somebody burnt down the football and put the ashes into an urn?

And of course we'll need to get into this English tradition of writing ourselves a World Cup song. You know, like the "Playing for England" tune by New Order. Any Australian anthem would have to make some reference to wogball...