Moved into the house

We moved into our new house last Thursday and spent Friday and Sunday nesting. The move was pretty painless, with the removalists getting it all done in one truck load taking about two hours all up. We hired a cleaner for the old house, so we did some outdoor cleaning while he worked. I'd strongly recommend this option to anyone moving!

The house we're moving into was pretty filthy. We kinda wish we'd got the cleaner in there, and even did some painting before moving in. As it is, we spent a lot of time washing walls and will probably paint at some point.

It's a pretty amazing feeling being a home owner. Knowing we can make any changes we like is very liberating. Though for now there's a lot to do!

Oh yeah, the new place is super quiet, after living next to the airport and before that in a very noisy city. Holly got a bit freaked out on Thursday night when we went to bed and there were some noises around the house (possibly a possum?), which we never would have noticed in the other place.