Loads of photos

quiz at The Duke

The trouble with the cheap, mega capacity memory cards you get these days is that I have less incentive to process them all. I've got a gig in my little pocket camera, and 2 gigs in the big one. This one is the pub quiz we sometimes do, and Simon Stewart dropped in.

Scott and Katie visit

Scott and Katie just visited for a quick weekend.

and Pete anniversary

Todd and Pete just celebrated their five years together, so we had lunch at The Warren View with them and a few mates. Congratulations!

Holly at Surry Hills Festival

We went to the Surry Hills Festival a while back, then got sick of paying $6 for Tooheys New (ugh!) and retired to Mr Mary's in Redfern for a boozy afternoon.

Emma, Horst and Simon at Reunion Rave

I went to the Reunion Rave on Saturday night. It was fun catching up with all the old rave buddies, listening to old classics. Main observation of the evening: my hasn't everyone's skin improved?

Holly's pear turnover tart

Finally, Holly's been cooking up a storm!