Liberty and Democracy Party: some enthusiasts respond

So my previous post about the Liberty & Democracy Party got some responses. I had a long conversation with one Terje Petersen and he seemed pretty rational, a nice guy really. We disagree on a number of issues, of course, especially gun control.

Just now I received another one which appears somewhat less rational, from a harry1233 at (perhaps that should be Rather than actually read my blog post, he's immediately jumped to the conclusion that I'm dissing the party. Far from it, though of course I did point out the overlap between libertarians and the tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorizing anti-semites. While it may have nothing to do with the LDP, they inhabit the same part of the intellectual spectrum as these nutjobs. Just as those of us on the Green side of politics have our tree-hugging, gaia consciousness, deep ecologist hippy nutjobs that we're all embarrassed of, like a nutty old uncle who only gets rolled out for Christmas and birthdays.

Anyway, for your amusement:

Hello Simon,

Please do yourself a favour and rewrite the Liberty & Democracy reference honestly. Why slag them as nutters associated / inferenced to the Citizens Electoral Council. Do you have an agenda of sorts to undermine them (the LDP)?

Look forward to you doing the right thing, you might even join the party - yes it is liberterian in precept, but very much of an Australian flavour.

You too can make the world a better rather than bitter place.