J'adore Paris

Spent the day today wandering around Paris. We have a weekly ticket on the Metro and travelled to the Arc de Triomphe and then wandered down the Champs-Elysee towards one of Paris' department stores.

Holly of course bought several things. The men's section of the store was full of boring crap -- "streetware" ended up being boring Ralph Lauren and other ordinary, conservative clothes with a "label" to supposedly make them cool. I see so many people, not just in this country, wearing this sort of crap; but what is it that makes something your parents would wear cool just by having a particular label on it?

So we wandered around a bit more, feet getting sorer. Before we finally hopped on the Metro back to our hotel, we saw an interesting looking building, poked our heads in and found an amazing church with incredible ceiling and mosaics.

We're both a bit jet lagged. There's a club on tonight that looks cool and, importantly with the state of the Australian Lire, is free but we're both too tired to head out.

An interesting discovery, which you probably wouldn't find if you don't speak French, is that a whole bunch of museums and galleries in Paris are free for under-26s. This makes our stay considerably cheaper! So now we can go to the Modern Art Museum and the like because it costs us nothing.

Weather tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy but dry. We want to check out some flea markets and mabye the Centre Pomidou, though that depends if it's open as it's All Saints Day which is a public holiday in France.

Orright then. Having fun and loving Paris. More soon.