If Hitler had died of cancer, would he get obits like this?

The obituaries for the taxi driver's choice of right-wing shock jock Stan Zemanek are sickening. By dying of cancer he seems to have been rehabilitated as some kind of lovable, mildly eccentric but genuinely good guy. Remember this guy was a xenophobic, rabidly right-wing, abusive arsehole who regularly incited his listeners to violence, up to and including the murder of cyclists on one memorable occasion.

At the risk of inciting Godwin's Law, had he only died of cancer would Hitler have got obituaries touting his love of Eva and Blondi, the tragic childhood accident that left him a nut down and gushing paragraphs about his love of animals and vegetarianism?

The superstitious might think it bad to speak ill of the dead, but never forget that Stan Zemanek was a right-wing nutjob who incited people to violence. If there's a hell, I'm sure they're firing up the barbecue as we speak.