I bought a PS2: I'm so up-to-date

After playing Guitar Hero at my brother-in-law's place last weekend, I went out and bought myself a PS2 for cheap on eBay. I've done this before, buy a console when they're nice and cheap at the end of their lifespan. In fact, I bought a PS1 some months after the original PS2 came out.

It's quite amusing because I was in Tokyo shortly after the PS2 was launched there. Walking through one of the back alleys of Akihabara there was a van dodgily selling PS2 consoles. I nearly bought one, figuring I could flog for big bucks back in Oz, but they already wanted mega big bucks buying it from the van.

The game that came with the console is pretty crap, though the opening sequence has a funny bit about "UN special forces troops" getting ready to defend Kueait, which is kinda laughable. Similar to when the yanks were bombing the no-fly zone and CNN reported "UN bombs Iraq" while every news outlet that wasn't in North America reports "US bombs Iraq".

Being quite an old console, there's loads of games available for not very much money on eBay. Anyone got any recommendations? I'm not really into shooters or racing games. I'm big on drunken party games for many players, so I think I'll get an Eyetoy and Singstar. I've always enjoyed the SSX games so I'll see if I can get one of those too. Oh and Tekken was always a household favourite with the PS1.

One question for those in the know: are there wireless controllers? Our telly is a long way from the couch and with the console on top of the telly, the cables get in the way.