How not to do a viral campaign

The Liberal (that's Tory for you non-Australians, yes it's confusing) party have quickly shoved out an attempt at a viral campaign, Same Old Labor in the wake of this morning's leadership spill. It's comically amateurish and seriously misguided.

The point of these kinds of things is to get people to publicise it for you, sending it on to their mates because they like some part of it. That's what the handy "Email a friend" field is for. And you'll probably end up on some exempt-from-anti-spam-laws spam list to boot.

There's a few problems with their approach though. For starters, the flash animation is neither amusing nor informative. It rehashes the same old attacks the Tories have been making about Labor. Why would you send it to your mate? Hey have a look at this really crap Flash animation. Isn't that embarrassing?

Then the following web page gives a list of reasons it's the "Same Old Labor", the first of which attacks their workplace relations stance. "Controlled by the ACTU on workplace relations": now the reason Labor hasn't gained much traction on this issue is that most people don't know, nor care, who the ACTU is. So the Tories are making the same mistake.

"No practical solutions to address climate change" shows how far the Tory song sheet has been updated in recent weeks. It sounds eerily like what everyone was saying about Howard up to two weeks ago.

Pretty lame effort, really. I can see why you can't find an agency name on it. They'd be embarrassed!