Hanoi and onwards to Sapa

We've been in Hanoi the last two days. Beautiful old city, although the traffic is more hectic than Saigon!

We managed one sunny day today but I managed to spend most of the day in bed with the runs and a fever. Seems to be righting itself but I'm on bread and flat lemonade for another day at least...

Tomorrow morning we're heading off in a rented 4WD with driver and guide to Sapa in the North West. It's a six day trip and it's more off the tourist trail so we're unlikely to see another net cafe until we get back to Hanoi. We're sharing the car with two pommies we've been hanging out with.

Tonight we went and saw the Vietnamese Water Puppets. Quite an amazing show. This was one of the features of last year's Sydney Festival but at 20,000 dong (under US$2) it was quite a bit cheaper than the AUD$70 it cost in Sydney.

Anyway, more when I have more time and we get back from Sapa.