Great party

We had a housewarming/birthday party on Saturday night. Had a fabulous time with loads of good friends. Such a good time that I forgot to take any photos.

London's transport system causes an interesting phenomenon with parties in the suburbs. Parties tend to start pretty early compared to Aussie parties, and people tend to turn up on or close to the notified time. That's pretty different for Australians who turn up to an eight o'clock party around ten or eleven.

Just before midnight, there tends to be a mad dash for transport as people rush off to make the last tubes or buses. Anyone staying after midnight is committed to staying through the night, or spending a large amount of time or money getting home.

It's an interesting dynamic. Most of the parties I would go to in Sydney occur in a pretty small geographical area. You can walk or cycle home or catch a relatively inexpensive taxi, so the leaving time is much more flexible.

I guess the upshot is that you can work out how successful a party is by how many people are still around after midnight. Then again, woe betide the host who wants to sleep before seven in the morning when the tubes start up again...