Great music, sun and pee

So Roskilde finished last Sunday and what a great festival! We saw some amazing bands and the weather was fantastic. Hot and sunny the whole weekend. It was great to catch up with Justine, Jenny and Beth; and we met a lovely German lad called Tobi who ended up camping with us.

Sigur Ros played their usual dreamy, ecstatic music. Radio Soulwax mixed newer techno with old classics in their inimitable style. Axl Rose's Guns n Roses cover band (innacurately billed as "Guns N Roses") was crap: coming out one hour late doesn't cut it at a festival where there are ample other attractions. We gave up and went to see Sigur Ros instead.

New Zealand's Fat Freddys Drop was fantastic, getting the crowd moving with their funked up reggae stylings. Bob Dylan was worth seeing, though the guy is getting a little old for this kind of thing.

Bellowhead played excellent, crowd-friendly British folk music. Orange Blossom is a French band playing hip hop infused North African music, and were loads of fun in the midday heat. Two Gallants were really amazing, with incredibly powerful vocals telling dark stories in like Johnny Cash with rockier tempo. George Clinton was amazing, with at least 25 people in his entourage tearing the roof off the sucker.

On the final day, Wolfmother jammed one of the smaller tents with their Ozzy Osbourne styles. Goldfrapp disappointed by cancelling at the last moment. Franz Ferdinand, as expected, played a storming, ridiculously tight set filling the main stage with their slick sound. Roger Waters playing Dark Side of the Moon was a great nostalgia trip, though sitting through his solo work was a bit tedious.

One feature of Roskilde that I could live without was the toilet facilities. Toilets are never a high point at an outdoor festival, but these Scandinavians seem to think pissing anywhere is normal. The main feature of the festival was the smell off piss. Could definitely improve here!