Great cabling

My uncle is putting built-in cupboards in our bedroom. There's a phone jack in the bedroom, right in the way of where he's building cupboards. He asked me if I wanted the phone jack, and I said no, so he ripped the sucker out. Internet dies. Phone in kitchen still working. WTF?

Turns out the telephone cabling is rather ridiculous. The cable comes in at the front of the house, runs to the kitchen, then runs back to the bedroom and is linked from there to the front room, where the ADSL modem is. Insanity!

Hopefully will get some cabling done this weekend. Central splitter, shorten the phone cabling to just hook to the front room and use the VOIP port of the modem to link to the kitchen phone. Will pull Cat6 through the house.

I've found a very reasonably priced cabling gear shop just around the corner. How convenient!