Gotye: What a nice bloke

Gotye's CDs

Last week I had a whinge about trying to buy one of Gotye's albums online and failing. A day later I got an email from the man himself!

I was very disappointed to hear about your shoddy experience with the Creative Vibes web store in trying to buy my Boardface album. (Google alerts got the info to me...)

He then went and offered to send me the plastic versions of all his music, which duly arrived today. Awesome!

That an artist cares so much about his fans is heartening. It helps that he's supremely talented, but it sounds like he's finally getting the recognition he deserves too. He recently signed to a label that also has this year's best Eurovision song entrant (and best ever French entrant), Sebastien Tellier. He's also playing in Europe, so get out and see him. I caught his set at last year's Homebake and it was brilliant.

Oh and Wally, I know you're reading this so hello and thanks!