Getting the boot in

We've spent the last three nights camping in Alberobello, home of all these cute little "Trulli" houses which are cone-shaped limestone roofs. Quite nice. This is down in South-East Italy, the heel of the boot.

During our stay we met a few Aussies from Perth in the campsite. One was cycling around Italy on quite a trek. The other two were campervanning around Europe. We made a rather excellent discovery of a €1.65 bottle of local Puglian wine that was quite drinkable. Yummy!

We're back in Bari for our flight to Germany. Can't wait for some tasty German beer and sausages. We meet up with Scott, Katie and Aidan in Munich on the 16th for some Aussie World Cup madness. We'll be the ones outside the stadium in the Eureka Stockade flag t-shirts, if you're looking for us on the telly!