Get a response from your local member: be rude

Yesterday I sent a rather terse and rude email to my local state member, Carmel Tebbutt complaining that I'd received no response from my email sent last December. It seems being rude helps! Does she not realise she sits in a Labor/Green marginal?

Response from the minion came two hours later. Success? Well, we'll see when the RTA gets around to this.

Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 12:36:26 +1000
Subject: Fwd: Wilson Street and Erskineville Road intersection
From: Simon Rumble <simon@removed-to-fend-off-spam>

In December last year I send the message below to you and have received no
response.  I know that being a NSW ALP member keeps you busy accepting
bribes (sorry, donations from developers), doing your factional bastardry,
jockeying for position so you can be premier next month and having sex
scandals, but perhaps you could at least get a minion to send the usual
dismissive and condescending response?
This bike lane is now over two years old, and the RTA still haven't bothered
to give the people who use it a safe way to cross the intersection with the
traffic lights.  It seems to me that there's going to have to be a death
before you'll do something.  At that point, I'll remind you of my emails.

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From: Simon Rumble <simon@removed-to-fend-off-spam>
Date: 2008/12/16
Subject: Wilson Street and Erskineville Road intersection

Hi there Carmel.  I trust you're well.

I'd like to see if you can achieve some action on a very dangerous
intersection that I cycle through every day.  Back in mid-2006, City of
Sydney completed a handy contra-flow lane for bicycles up the piece of
Wilson Street between Macdonaldtown Station and Erskineville Road.  It's
a really handy and safe shortcut for cyclists heading towards Newtown,
Marrickville and the like, and I see tons of cyclists using it.

The problem is that the RTA still haven't installed a bike traffic light
at the intersection between Erskineville Road and the Wilson Street
contraflow lane.  So instead of having some indication of when it is
safe to pass through, cyclists have to guess when the signal is right
for them (as they can't see the oncoming traffic's signal) and wing it
through the intersection.

It might be reasonable for the RTA to take a little while to get around
to this, but it's now one and a half years since this facility was
built!  Does someone have to die before the RTA fixes it?

If you'd like to see the intersection I'm describing in action, I'd be
happy to meet you nearby and go through the problem.

Kind regards,

Simon Rumble