Flint claims bias because panel not rigged in favour of monarchy

Pimms-and-lemonade enthusiast David Flint claims the governance panel at the 2020 Summit was stacked to get a pro-republican outcome. That, of course, would be totally different from that other summit where 50% of the delegates were appointed by a monarchist which, despite the clear majority of Australians wanting a Republic, managed to come up with a model nobody wanted.

So this stacked panel has come up with what should have been done in the first place. First, ask the Australian people whether they want to become a republic. Then, and only then, work out what model of republic we should be. After all of that, we put the royal family to the sword, assuming the model chosen is the Romanov option.

While the monarchists will oppose a republic by all sorts of devious means, the ticking time bomb that ensures we'll become a republic is that, eventually, our head of state will be a non-Australian inbred who has sexual fantasies about tampons. Ewwww!