Flight of the Conchords

After a throwaway comment made by Steve about this band and tv show, I thought I'd download it and check it out. It's absolutely brilliant! Holly and I have watched the first couple of episodes and it's truly hilarious.

Flight of the Conchords follows a Kiwi band trying to make it in New York. Their fanbase (that is, Mel, a married woman who seems to be creepily devoted to the band) never seems to grow and their gigs are generally rather pathetic affairs such as trade shows and aquariums. When they happen at all.

The humour is very subtle, with lots of self-deprecating digs at the Kiwi accent and insecurity about New Zealand's bigger, brasher neighbour. It's quite unlike most American sitcoms, but then that's probably because it's conceived by people who aren't American. The kind of people who know that irony isn't when it rains on your wedding day.

So check it out. It's running on BBC4 in the UK, and given it came out this year will probably be running on Australian free-to-air sometime before 2020. Somewhat sooner from your favourite torrent site.