Fantastic weekend

We've had a fantastic weekend.  Gorgeous weather, good times.  Yesterday we kind of hung around a bit, played, cooked and the like. I cooked up some patience-required pulled pork (more on which later). Louis enjoyed his Mum's lovely spaghetti bolognese.

We also visited the new waterplay park in Marrickville and Louis had a fantastic time splashing about. Marrickville Council are doing some fantastic stuff for kids, and it'll be especially awesome once our new local pool opens in December!

Today we took Louis for his first every bike ride with our new Weeride bike seat.  He absolutely loved the experience!  Tomorrow we'll start taking him to daycare by bike.

Then, Sydney FC won out at Parramatta.  A nice feeling we haven't had much of this year.  Photo shows Holly, Louis, Matt, Jameson and Maz.