Driving for data nerds

For our shiny new car, I bought a device that allows you to read data from the car's internal data bus over Bluetooth to my phone. $21 from Hong Kong. You plug the thing in and pair it with your phone, then find an app to read and display the data. I chose Torque for my Android phone.

Right away, you've got an amazing set of data about what's going on inside your car. Incredible how much data they generate, really. While I'm not a car nerd, I do appreciate an interesting data set.

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That's cool. Can you get current fuel consumption? That's the one thing I'd really want so that I know what type of driving makes a real difference. It's certainly cheaper than a gadget I've seen with its own display. I'm not going to pay more than it is likely to save me. Problem is that my phone has limited Bluetooth (sound only), so probably won't work with this.
Yeah the top-left graph is instantaneous fuel flow and Trip LPK is Litres per 100 km for the whole trip. There's also the equivalent as an instantaneous measure and same measure as a long term average. They can be displayed any way you like too.
I'd be surprised if there wasn't an app for eco warriors like you that gives more relevant measures. I suspect the target market for the app I'm using is rev heads, given it has a "fastest 0-100kph" gauge by default. Hunt for OBD in the market.