Disappointed with the Nexus internal hub gears

I bought my commuter bike specifically to have minimal maintenance. In the last month I've been unlucky enough to cop two punctures in the rear tyre. The problem with this is that removing the wheel and putting it back is a fiddly, complicated business. It seems to me that the simplicity advantages of maintenance of the gears are blown away by the time it takes to fix a puncture. What's more, to get he wheel off I need to carry a spanner with me!

So I've put some Mr Tuffies in the tyres yesterday. These are a layer that's supposed to protect the tube from punctures caused by things like glass and thorns. I might put some Slime or similar product in there. I really really don't want more flats on this wheel.

When the tyre wears out, I'm going to look at some of these solid and/or tubeless tyres. I really don't care about weight or rolling resistance on this bike -- it's for commmuting. My absolute primary aim is reliability and minimal maintenance. I want to keep the tyres pumped, lube the chain and otherwise do nothing except for six-monthly services.

Any suggestions?