Digital antenna installation

I'm planning to put up an antenna for digital TV reception this weekend. Being in St Peters, I should be right in the Kings Cross transmitter's footprint. I sure as hell hope so because I'm going to buy a UHF-only antenna.

Now the interesting thing will be working out where to point the thing, and diagnosing that as I move the antenna around. I only have a little USB-stick style DVB receiver for my laptop. So far I've not been overwhelmed by the software-displayed signal strength meter in that. Will be difficult with me up the ladder and Holly down the bottom with the laptop.

I guess I could get an installer in, but since we're only renting I'm loathe to spend big money on the antenna. Yes, the landlord should supply an antenna. He hasn't, though he's put up the mast for me and will let me clip the cable down and drill holes in the floor for the cable.

Any tips?