Dear Mr Albanese: thanks for your form letter

Last week I wrote a letter to my local member, Anthony Albanese, detailing my concerns about the proposed internet censorship regime. I received a response last night. I won't bother wasting electrons copying it in here, because I can just link to the letter Stilgerrian got because it's exactly the fucking same.

So apparently Lindsay Tanner reckons the government is keen to use web 2.0 buzzword compliant tools. The first lesson they need to learn is that we talk to each other, compare notes and compare responses we receive. Second thing about all this web 2.0 crap is that it's social, and the one thing that stands out more than anything else is robotically-created canned replies.

I sent Albo the following response:

Dear Anthony,

Thank you for your recent form letter. It's refreshing to see that my comments and queries are completely ignored, and instead of either considering or responding to them, you've sent all people contacting you the exact same message. I'll be sure to return the favour at the next election when someone tries to hand me an ALP how-to-vote.

In case you'd like to actually read, and respond to, my email, I'm including it again.

I'm not holding out much hope of a rational response.