Dear King Pig

My mate Don sent a letter to the King Pig and the Special Minister for World (Catholic) Youth Day in NSW in regards to his freedom to annoy Catholics.

Dear Minister

It was my intention to be involved in a peaceful demonstration over the Pope's supposed World Youth Day on July I am concerned by reports in the media, primarily the Sydney Morning Herald, that I will be breaking the law and risk jail or a fine.

Could you please clarify that I will not be breaking the law if I:

  • assemble at Taylor Square, Darlinghurst at 12pm 19 July with other like minded citizens.
  • wear a T-shift of the English folk/rock band Chumbawumba. The T-shirt is plain black and says in grey writing "Chumbawumba" on the back "Atheist" on the front.
  • I will be carrying a cardboard placard A2 size. One side will say "Miranda Devine Sux" and the other side will say "World Peas" with a picture of some small green vegetables.
  • Offer condoms to passed by, in a respectful, polite and peaceful manner.
  • Possibly sing or chant harmless songs - such as one of my old rugby favourites "Has anybody seen JC" lyrics at

Thank you kindly

Don McCallum