Dealing with terruhists

So Haneef is out and heading back home. I suspect he's going to be a rather wealthy man by the time his lawyers are finished, but then again he's now on every blacklist under the sun and probably won't even be allowed to fly inside his own country, let alone outside.

The thing that staggers me about this whole affair is how quickly, shamelessly and cynically the pollies and media jumped all over the poor guy the moment he was arrested. Surely the sensible thing to do, from a basic investigative point of view, would have been to suppress any identifying details about the guy or the case. After all, you don't want to tip off any associates, had he really been a bad guy, that you've got him in custody and he's (potentially) squealing like a stuck pig.

But of course, it's an election year and there's far too much political capital to be had claiming there's a terruhist in our midst.

How long will Andrews last? Probably until the enormous payout, which probably means after the election.